Jenny McCloskey and the Magic Wand


Everyone knows I love having homes ‘staged’, especially empty homes.  In my eyes, and I believe in the eyes of a Buyer, it’s the difference between seeing a House and a Home.  You purchase a House; you build a life and make memories in a Home.

Jenny McCloskey and Geraldine Blakely are the most gifted ‘staging’ talents in today’s market!  They are realtors so they know what attracts Buyers and Sellers, they have an endless inventory of beautiful furniture and accessories, they have a great crew (it’s a family business!), and are wonderfully resourceful!

Jenny and Geraldine waved their magic wand at Casa Iluminada (my listing at 5030 Davis Road), and borrowed fabulous original art from artist Leonardo Hidalgo.  The result was magnificent, not to mention there is a long line of folks who want to purchase the art.  Stop by Casa Iluminada sometime and see what beautiful is!


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