Pedro Arellano Lamar | South Miami, FL

"Even though as a commercial real estate broker I could have sold my house on my own, I hired Val because she is an extremely competent and trustworthy residential broker, who is in the market daily, with a great marketing and processing team, with a lot of media advertising at her own expense. Val procures lots of qualified buyers, directly and through other residential brokers that she has worked with for years, and does a great job negotiating a good deal for the seller, and reliably closing transactions."

Lisa North | Pinecrest, FL

"Val was the best broker I have ever known. She is extremely competent, hard working and dedicated."

Paula & David Swetland | South Miami, FL

"We had a unique property and it was difficult to find comparables to help determine a marketable price. After interviewing several high profile realtors, Valaree Byrne was the only one who demonstrated a thorough understanding of both the current local market and of the uniqueness of our property. Because of this, she was able to confidently justify a marketable price to us, to other realtors, and to potential buyers. Valaree was always available and her entire team of associates were considerate, conscientious, and hard working. Her marketing plan was smart, comprehensive, and most important, successful! We were confident throughout our experience with Valaree Byrne that she always had our best interest in mind."

Taylor Wasser | Miami, FL

"Working with Val has been A wonderful experience. She was on time for all of the showings and came prepared with property information packets. Val lead the charge by being in constant communication between all parties involved. I could not have been happier with my experience with Val. She is a great realtor and even a better woman. I will absolutely be using her again."

Steve Carney | South Miami, FL

"Valaree was exceptional in every aspect of the sale. There were issues with past unclosed permits that she quickly remedied. She also provided wonderful "middle man" services when dealing with the prospective buyers, and ultimately with the final buyer -- that is she kept communications open and flowing. There were no gaps in the overall service nor in the time needed to complete various steps along the way. We will absolutely recommend Valaree to any of our friends and family in Miaml."

Jacki Collaso | South Miami, FL

"She lived down the street. Always friendly. I believed we could trust her and she knew the area. Even when she went out of town for a few days she let us know and was still able to guide us through process. Val took charge of getting house cleaned after we had left. This included her paying for the cleaning. Also, the movers she recommended, were outstanding. Val went above and beyond to facilitate every aspect of the sale of our home and our move."

Gonzalo Santana | Perrine, Miami, FL

“Valaree is the type of Realtor that really cares for her clients and what is best for them. She never put pressure on us to make or accept offers but once we made up our minds she proved to be a very skillful negotiator. We've dealt with her on three different occasions as buyers and once as sellers and she really knows the business. She also knows the S. Florida market very real and seems to have a very good relationship with other area realtors. We highly recommend her.”