Would You Like To Live On ‘Happy Street’?


Happy Street in Costa Rica

I was at “Books and Books” last weekend and lucky for me owner Mitch Kaplan was there too (which puts a whole different spin on reading and book buying).  We got into a conversation about some mutual friends and their children, and Mitch said he calls the street the friends live on ‘Happy Street’ and wished he lived on that street.  Hey, THAT’S MY STREET – I live just a couple of doors down from his friends, and it’s the most accurate description of our street I have ever heard!


Halloween on Happy Street

 That little slice of paradise in South Miami just behind Dante Fascell Park near Epiphany Church is ‘Happy’ and I am not saying that because I specialize in real estate in South Miami, or because I have sold over 100 homes in South Miami.  I say it because it’s true.  The neighbors are friends, real friends, and the kids are inseparable. We have Thanksgiving meals together, back-to-school parties, movie nights and the most incredible Halloweens you could imagine; we watch the Super Bowl and NBA playoffs together, and now we are anxiously watching “Breaking Bad” together.  At the end of any day, good or bad, my greatest pleasure is getting back to ‘Happy Street’.

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