A Bright Star Has Dimmed in South Miami…Goodbye Hans Huseby:(


Hans Huseby, proprietor of FootWorks, father of the Mercedes Benz Corporate Run, a fixture in South Miami for the past 40 years, and THE most wonderful man passed away this past Saturday. So wonderful and loved was he that Sunset Drive from Red Road to SW 59th Avenue was closed last night just to have the space needed to celebrate his life. In the  true spirit of Hans Huseby it was styled as another ‘event’.

I bought my first pair of running shoes from Hans in the 1980s, my first “Life is Good” shirt from him in the 1990s, and my children got their first Crocs from him in early 2000. I not only sell real estate in South Miami but am part of the wonderful family of South Miami residents, and FootWorks and the Huseby family are part of the landscape. Their famed “South Miami Twilight Run,” which is the right of passage into summer, brings everyone in my neighborhood outside; whether you run, walk, or just water everyone down who comes by.

Hans’ son, JP, summed him up best: “He was perfect in every way, more loving and compassionate and hard-working than anyone I’ve ever known.”  His wife, Laurie, added that “He was ridiculously nice to everyone and made life better for so many people.”  I think those are the true definitions of SUCCESS.

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