“After the game: NBA stars shoot for wins in real estate”

The Real Deal’s recent article, “After the game: NBA stars shoot for wins in real estate” captured a day in the off-season life of Luol Deng and 10 other NBA players who attended a symposium on real estate investing organized by the National Basketball Players Association (with guest speaker, Miami’s own Don Peebles).

Miami Heat players have traditionally invested in some serious local real estate with those investing in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and Pinecrest appreciating the ability to maintain a relatively low-key lifestyle (for local celebrities anyway).

Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, and Pinecrest have been home to a host of Heat players including Dwayne Wade (he began his career in Pinecrest), Alonzo Mourning (he migrated from Coconut Grove to Gables Estates, and is now settled in Pinecrest), Shane Battier, Ray Allen, Dan Majerle, Brian Grant (my all time fav), past and present coaches Eric Spoelstra and Pat Riley, and LeGone James, who’s bayfront home is under contract.

The beauty of these neighborhoods is that you can see these guys regularly at the Last Carrot, Greenstreet’s Cafe, MCycle, local gas stations, movie theaters, and even Food Spot, and no one blinks an eye (but I do stare sometimes).

Wouldn’t it be great if Luol Deng moved into the Grove, Gables, or Pinecrest!  I have the perfect place for him to call home:

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