Do You Know The 6 Real Estate Pitfalls?

 Fox News had an article last week that every Seller or soon-to-be Seller should read.  Adam Verwymeren lists 6 pitfalls which will hinder a sale, and I ditto them!!!


South Miami – Sales Price vs. List Price

1.  The Price Isn’t Right

We are not seeing a lot of over-priced properties in South Miami/High Pines, the Ponce Estates corridor, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, and Palmetto Bay, in fact, in many cases Sales Prices and List Prices are nearly the same (with Sale Price often exceeding List Price). You can bet a nickel though that for every long-standing “For Sale” sign there is an over-priced property.


Coral Gables – Sales Price vs. List Price

2. The Ghost of Past DIY Jobs

Save complicated jobs for the professionals, and pull permits if you need too!! If you must Do It Yourself, read up beforehand!  Also, You Tube has a video on how to do just about anything!

3. Sticking Around For A Showing

Or worse, sticking around for an Open House. If you have chosen the ‘right’ real estate agent, they will KNOW YOUR HOME and HOW TO SELL IT,

4. Picking The Wrong Agent

Your real estate agent should know Your Market, Your Neighborhood, Your House, and how to Sell it! 

5. Overdoing It

I am not 100% in agreement with the Fox thoughts and comments on this one. Every Buyer likes updates and renovations, but yes, it is expensive and not always rewarding for a Seller.  A well-versed realtor will help Seller decide which ‘projects’ will yield a $$$ return, and the best way to spearhead them.

6. Putting On The Finishing Touches

Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal.  I can’t stress enough how important those first impressions are.  Fresh paint, clear (and clean) driveways and walkways, lushly manicured landscapes, clean windows, and a nice front door that will welcome all.

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