Easy Living for Baby Boomers and Beyond!


I closed more transactions in 2012 with near-retirement and post-retirement folks than I ever have in my twenty years of selling real estate. These “Baby Boomers” and beyond (one adorably spry couple was 88 and 94-years old) called me to help them find  homes in South Miami or the immediate surrounding areas (Pinecrest, High Pines, South Gables) with less maintenance, less space (but not too small), and easier on the knees!  Why those areas? Close to day-to-day shopping needs, medical care is nearby, and the ability to walk or take a very short drive to all of them a must (my youthful 88 and 94-year old clients needed to be near Dadeland so they could walk the mall every morning for exercise!).

FYI, when you are looking to size down to what might be your last residence there are some MUSTS – no matter what your age! You MUST carefully think about condo vs. townhouse because they are very different and appeal to very different lifestyles; you must include the monthly or quarterly maintenance fees into your budget and know what they do and do not include; you MUST choose a

property with the master bedroom downstairs (or at entry level) or

have an elevator or the ability to install an elevator or chair lift ‘someday’; you must consider the walking distance from car to front door–those groceries and golf clubs do get heavy!

I find Swan Lake in Pinecrest and the Deering Bay community in Coral Gables beautiful and very accommodating;  Pine Manor and Oak Lane in High Pines, and the Bermuda Village in Coral Gables have very nice entry level master bedroom models and models with elevators;  Bridgepoint in South Miami and Dadeland Walk in the Dadeland area also have very spacious models with downstairs master bedrooms. There is a community for everyone and every need.  Educate yourself and make sure you are working with an educated realtor who knows the area – like me!



To learn more about South Miami or any other community – including Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay, contact Val Byrne with EWM Realty International on www.MiamiRealEstateWorks.com or email at [email protected] or by phone at 305-323-6231. Val Byrne – Working For You!