EWM Realty International Sponsoring Showhouse at The Kampong


One of my favorite venues in Miami is The Kampong, the glorious 9-acre botanical garden that was home to famed horticulturist David Fairchild and his wife Marian, and later Marian’s sister and brother in-law, Elsie and Gilbert Grosvenor,  moved to the compound (Kampong is a Malay word for village or a cluster of dwellings).  

Some of the rooms at the Fairchild-Sweeney House (after the death of the Fairchilds the compound was purchased by the Sweeneys), Barbour Cottage, and the Sausage Tree Cottage have been transformed by 20 local and talented designers as part of the Junior League of Miami’s 2016 Showhouse, and will be showcased from April 7th through the 24th.

Anyone who is inspired by The Kampong will love visiting the home I have for sale at 8598 SW 63rd Avenue in South Miami.  It is nearly an acre forest of spectacular native flowering trees, palms, and fruits encircling an exquisitely restored mid-century home, guest house, and carriage house.  One visitor referred to it as the Time Travel house and I thought the name perfectly described it!

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