Have You Seen Tom Smith’s Exhibit at First National Bank of South Miami?


I love South Miami, and not just because I live and work there (I have sold nearly 100 properties in South Miami).  This past Friday night I was reminded of what a great town our ‘home town’ is.  Came home from a long day mostly spent in and out of my car (aka a realtor’s office), was famished, and wanted to get outside.  My husband and I decided to walk to Shula’s 347 – we could eat, drink, bump into friends, and watch the Heat game – the perfect night.


On the way over we noticed the camaraderie going on at First National Bank of South Miami (yes, home to my personal and business accounts) and stopped in for the “First Friday of the Month” art exhibit in their Wirtz Gallery.  Jackpot! We found ourselves in the midst of local artist (and I mean really local – he lives a few blocks away in High Pines) Tom Smith’s dynamic fine art photography display.  Fixed on various mediums including canvas and glass, he captures the subtle, quiet beauty of the Everglades and its interesting creatures and indigenous plant life, Matheson Hammock, and my favorite collection – the Aqua Series:  remarkably beautiful blue and green hues of water and turtle grass.  It was a wonderful night of fine art, good wine, and great friends.

Seems like half the party left the Gallery and found their way to Shula’s…typical South Miami!


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