Hey Chris, Why Don’t You Ask Lebron Why He Chose To Live Coconut Grove?


If you haven’t read “Why Won’t Anyone Buy LeBron James’ Miami House?”, click the link and be as amused as I was. The director of luxury sales for a respected real estate company explains why LeBron’s house hasn’t sold in 6 months. In David Letterman-style I’ll name the reasons in reverse, and save the best for last:



“LeBron’s $17 million mansion won’t sell because…”

6) It’s not in the ideal ideal location (yes, ‘ideal’ is used twice).

5) People spending this kind of money are not impressed by who owns it.

4) It’s hard to find someone who will write a $17 million check.

3) The Grove is too residential so you’re not going to get the big baller-type rollers.

2) Big money tends to gravitate to Miami Beach.

1) LeBron James’ home is in the Coconut Grove neighborhood.

Do you think he checked that story out with LeBron? Do you think Chris has been to Coconut Grove? LeBron could have lived anywhere in Miami, and I know of a half dozen houses in Miami that were considered, but legendary ex-Miami Heat player #6 chose 3590 Crystal View Court because it IS the ideal location, and it IS in the ideal neighborhood. I won’t bother to go into the reasons why, and I wouldn’t be foolish enough to knock Miami Beach because I LOVE it.

Next week I am listing 181 Leucadendra Drive in Gables Estates for $22,500,000. It’s an ideal neighborhood where plenty of “big baller-type rollers” live under the radar, and $17 million is what the last land parcel sold for! Here’s a preview:


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