Just Sold by Valaree Byrne in Coconut Grove 3127 Matilda Street


3127 Matilda Street, Coconut Grove, FL

List Price: $795,900

There are so many new and wonderful townhomes  in Coconut Grove, and we saw every single one of them when we began our search! Nearly a dozen townhomes were on the market in this Buyer’s price range, with most of them having been built between 2005 and now. This very cool townhouse at 3127 Matilda really jumped out for us, and it wasn’t only about the home (which is beautiful); the neighborhood is fantastic, the park is a minute away, and the heart of the Grove is just beyond that.  Jumanoh Developers and realtor Nohra Pelaez were a pleasure to work with, and that is so important when stepping into the waters of new construction. Congratulations to a wonderful Buyer and the entire family!

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