Miami Real Estate 2015….Words of Wisdom from the Wise Guys!

The Real Deal has published “What top Miami developers are predicting for 2015.” In a nutshell the fresh and out-of-the-box thinkers at Grass River Properties are entrenched in the Miami facts that have always driven our economies: Miami appeals to major onshore institutional investors, private equity, and international investors. We attract Latin Americans looking for flight capital and safe haven. We are a magnet for Europeans looking for lower tax bases and better climate, and Northeasterners who have always fled south for warm weather are drawn to our no state tax status. Tom Roth, principal at Grass River Properties, says all of this combined with the residential options and vibrant lifestyle that has evolved in the last 15 years will drive the residential, retail, and office markets in Miami.

Jacob Roffman, principal at 13th Floor Investments and developer of 1010 Brickell, sees young professionals and international investors shaping the residential market in 2015. The young professionals moving in the direction of urban sensibility have driven development investors to these core urban areas. Roffman sees foreign demand for ‘for-sale’ products moderate as it becomes increasingly difficult to move capital out of foreign countries.

According to Don Peebles, we are going to see continued strength in the luxury condos and the development of luxury condos for rental housing as the gap in the cost of rent and the cost of ownership narrows.

Nitin Motwani, developer of Paramount Miami Worldcenter in downtown Miami, believes in those developments with active sales and marketing infrastructures, strong sponsors, and a unique experience or location will be in high demand (that defines most of the developments I have interest in!).

Ron Krongold (Gold Krown Financial) sees the Miami market leveling out as our inventory increases to seven, eight, and nine months of supply (six months is considered the healthy ‘ideal’). At EWM Realty International we have seen the first signs of inventory increasing but demand in all markets is still extremely strong, and well-priced properties are moving quickly.

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