Recently Sold by Valaree Byrne in South Miami 8031 SW 58th Avenue

8031 SW 58th Avenue, South Miami, FL

List Price: $895,000

3 Bedrooms | 3 Baths | In-Law Suite

This was a very special transaction on many levels. First, it was a complete honor and pleasure to come to know the Seller, Charlotte Dison. A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about Dison Park, which was a new park in South Miami thoughtfully created by it’s next door neighbor and the park’s land owner, the same Charlotte Dison. I had a brief but impressionable encounter with her many years before, and was thrilled when she called me last summer to talk about selling her home. 

Secondly, real estate education is on going and Charlotte taught me a lot.  In a multi-offer situation she chose an offer contingent on financing over a cash offer – a first in my career.  Why?  Because it is important for everyone to have an opportunity for home ownership.  We ended up selling to another Buyer later on, but it was the original Buyer’s option to withdraw from their Contract.  

Third lesson that was reinforced is that selling one’s home is bittersweet (and sometimes just plain sad).  Charlotte and I have a lot in common: we married and raised our families in South Miami (our houses are 5 blocks away from each other!), we have made life long friends of nearby neighbors, and our homes are the fabric of our lives – that’s really hard to walk away from:(  When we left the closing table we both had tears in our eyes; Charlotte saw her past and I saw my future.  Congratulations to the new Buyer, and good luck to my friend, Charlotte, who I will fondly miss.


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