Recently Sold by Valaree Byrne in South Miami 8598 SW 63rd Avenue

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8598 SW 63rd Avenue, South Miami, FL

List Price: $1,639,000

2 Bedrooms | 3 Baths

This property was SO special the Buyers made the offer without ever having given the slightest thought to moving!  In a happenstance moment one Sunday afternoon the Buyers, who lived in the neighborhood many years ago, stopped by our open house with friends – partly to see the house that had been so talked about, and partly to say hi to their old friend.  From that point on the afternoon took on a life of it’s own; old friends rekindled, “Cool House” lived up to it’s nick name, and these wonderful Buyers who had not given a moment’s thought to moving from Pinecrest fell in love and are now my neighbors.  Congratulations to the most wonderful Buyers and Sellers.  Best of luck to all of you.

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