South Miami Neighbors Oppose ‘McMansions’


The proposed land for development.

I saw the article, South Miami Neighbors Oppose ‘McMansions’,  in the Miami Herald over the weekend, and as I predicted in my June 25th “The Return of McMansions” blog, the McMansion wars have begun.  Miami has seen a very healthy increase in property values in the last year and in some areas, like South Miami, the values have exceeded the 14% appreciation noted in the Miami Herald last week.

In ‘happier times’ like these developers and home owners re-enter the market, and they’re building bigger homes for ‘Modern Family’ Miami style: lots of kids, a nanny (or two), in-laws, and returning adult children.  Change isn’t always easy (or welcome) but it is part of the evolution process in real estate. I hope the developer and neighboring residents that are opposing the development find an amicable resolution – it sounds like efforts are being made on both sides.  Carlos Tosca, the developer, builds very nice, affordable homes.  I have seen many of them!

I have sold over 100 properties in South Miami and some of them were not-so-welcome, newly constructed homes (I dislike the word “McMansion”). When the dust settled, the landscaping matured, and the houses became ‘homes’ to wonderful families, they were enjoyed by all.


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