The Grass Is Green On The Other Side!

Several  years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte Dison at one of my Sunday open houses in South Miami.  Mrs. Dison and I live in the same neighborhood just behind Dante Fascell Park and adjacent to Epiphany Church & School.  Charlotte wasn’t looking to buy a home in South Miami; she was out assessing the value of land in the area.  She was entertaining the idea of turning the large parcel of land behind her home into a wireless park. OMG, she was one of the most forward thinking, community- minded persons I had ever met.  She was about 75-years old and WAY ahead of her time.

It’s been 5 – 7 years since we met (and just that one time), but the memory is permanently stamped in my memory partially because of the impression she made on me that afternoon, and partially because I pass “Dison Park” several times a day.  Sometimes I will see a person or two reading in the gazebo, sometimes I admire a beautiful  Labradoodle fetching a ball, and late in the afternoon I see a swarm of small giggling boys practicing soccer. 

Charlotte Dison must have had many builders and developers courting her for that parcel over the years, and I bet she was supremely gracious and kind when she said “No thank you”.  She had a vision, and now she sees that vision each time she looks out over her backyard.   PS, I am not sure the “wireless” part of the plan became a reality, but it was a magnificent idea.