To Be Or Not To Be…In South Miami Or High Pines?


There is a mad influx of Buyers wanting to purchase homes east of US1 and north of Kendall Drive in the South Miami and High Pines neighborhoods.  I’m often asked, “What’s the difference”?

I sell a lot of real estate in South Miami and High Pines and consider each to be prime “pedestrian communities”, and by that I mean kids play in the streets; and evening walks for dinner and ice cream are common place.

Geographically they are near mirror images of each other – South Miami lies on the west side of Red Road (SW 57th Avenue), and High Pines on the east side.  Public school districts are different: east of 58th Avenue generally belongs to the Coral Gables schools and west of 58th Avenue will attend the South Miami schools. South Miami is an incorporated City with its own government center and police; High Pines is part of Unincorporated Dade County.

Physically the profile of houses in each area is similar  – “ranch style” original houses were built in or near the 1950’s and were generally 1,600 – 2,200ish adjusted square feet.  Many houses have since had considerable renovations and additions.  Both South Miami and High Pines have seen a renaissance of new construction in the last 12 years with Mediterranean, Florida Vernacular, and tropical styles adding to the landscape. Each neighborhood has a handful of popular gated communities: i.e. Pine Manor and Oak Lane in High Pines; Parkside Village and Orr’s Pond in South Miami.

Home prices are not significantly different, especially in these times of low inventory.  Some recent sales in High Pines have climbed above the mid $300/sf mark; South Miami has reached the mid $300/sf but decent homes are still available the high $200/sf range.  In my 20+ years selling properties in both communities High Pines has often been about $25/sf higher than South Miami, but the gap has closed significantly in the last year.

I live in South Miami – I love my home, my neighbors, and my neighborhood BUT the truth is, if I picked my house up and move it over to High Pines, I would feel the same.


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