What’s the Ruckus About at Grove Isle?


Grove Isle is suffering some growing pains – literally! Those beautiful 20 or so acres with the most glorious views include three residential towers (Grove Isle 1, 2, and 3), club and hotel facilities including two restaurants, and recreational facilities.

What many non-residents don’t know is that about seven of those acres, which include the club, spa, and hotel, are privately owned by developer Eduardo Avila and a group of investors. Developer’s plans of course by the very nature of the word “developer” are to redevelop it. Residents of the island naturally are in opposition – especially residents of Grove Isle 3 who are adjacent to the proposed project. Enter Preserve Grove Isle activist group vs. Eduardo Avila.

I love Grove Isle! I am a frequent patron at Baleen’s and Gibraltar restaurants, which are in the heart of the brouhaha. Grove Isle has some of the most spectacular views in all of Miami, but I think yes, the facilities are tired. Whether a renovation or a “redevelopment” are in store – an improvement will be an improvement for everyone, residents included (you do not have to be a resident on the island to enjoy some of their facilities). That said, I’m a realtor who often works in Grove Isle and it can be ‘deal kill’ to look out the tall glass window or stand on a balcony with endless views and disclose to Buyer the impending project and its potential effects. Can you imagine being a Seller who’s values could decline over this? Or the Grove Isle residents who frequent the current facilities which could be removed or deflated during construction years (although recent court decisions provide that temporary club facilities and amenities must be made available)?

Grove Isle Residents and Eduardo Avila will need to find mutual ground. He undoubtedly owns the land and will be able to redevelop it so it is imperative that they work to solve each other’s needs. The Miami Herald wrote a great article last week on the project – be sure to read it!

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