Cheers to Fairchild Tropical Garden!

I’ve had a “family membership” at Fairchild Tropical Garden since our children could walk. Spending afternoons meandering through the botanical and butterfly gardens are among the highlights of my life in Miami, and I rarely miss a Ramble, Chocolate Festival, Orchid Festival, Fall Plant Extravaganza, or Bromeliad Show at Fairchild.  To me Fairchild Tropical Garden is the 8th Wonder of the World (and traveling there, whether by foot, bike, or car, one passes through the most beautiful corridor in all of Coral Gables – Old Cutler Road).

I was thrilled to read in The Tropical Garden summer edition how many accolades and awards FTG has recently received! They were recently awarded a $1.24 million grant from NASA for their work in The Fairchild Challenge’s Growing Beyond Earth Initiative (finding edible plants suitable for future Mars missions). Earlier this summer Charity Navigator ranked FTG as the highest rated botanical garden in the US – wow! The Tropical Garden magazine also received awards for writing excellence – kudos to them!

If you would like to have your own tropical garden or a different kind at home, Check This Out in here you will find a trusted company that can transform your garden into something beautiful.

I encourage every local resident to enjoy the beauty around us, and it absolutely begins at Fairchild Tropical Garden. Become a member, volunteer, or just enjoy the day – FYI, right now the exhibiting artist is Mira Lehr. You can find more information at


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