It’s Raining Renters!


I’ve never had so many ‘newcomers’ to Miami wanting to lease! I just completed the eighth Lease of 2016, and if they all love Miami like I love Miami and decide to call our beautiful city ‘home’, they will be next year’s Buyers! In the last few weeks we have made a lot of Landlords and Tenants happy in Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, and South Miami!

Miami is one of the few cities where real estate agents are able to work in both the sales and leasing arenas. A competent and knowledgeable local realtor should be able to transition between the two markets and provide everyone with a home, be it permanent or temporary. It’s a natural progression to desire to acclimate and ‘test the waters’ in a new city before buying and I am happy to be part of the process!















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