Just Sold by Valaree Byrne in Longview Villas 2475 S. Bayshore Drive #3, Coconut Grove


2475 S. Bayshore Drive #3, Coconut Grove, FL 33133

List Price: $1,239,000

We sold this gem in one of my favorite communities in Coconut Grove – historic Longview Villas. I’ve always told my husband if we were to return to  Coconut Grove (where “we” began in 1988), I would probably want to go to Longview.  The Villas have great space, the residents of the community are phenomenal, they have a beautiful pool and tennis court under a glorious canopy of trees, it’s gated, and the community is across the street from my most beloved Kennedy Park and A.C.’s Icees (the greatest lemonade icees IN THE WORLD).

As my marketing description read, “there’s a fabulous opportunity for a Byer who embraces some restoration, appreciates value, and totally get’s location, location, location.”  When this Villa is restored the lucky Buyer will live in Camelot, and the Longview community is thrilled to have him.  Congratulations to everyone! 

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