New Construction Shines In South Miami and High Pines!

If you want a new home in South Miami or High Pines there couldn’t be a better time or selection than NOW.  There are some stunning homes nearing completion and under construction with beautiful clean, sleek lines, and all except architect Roney Mateu’s modern masterpiece (6485 SW 84th Street) are timeless classics.

South Miami and High Pines are near mirror images of each other with respect to what they offer (see July 10th “To Be Or Not To Be” blog) in so far as proximity, schools, shopping, and the general landscape.  Properties in High Pines are usually priced a little more per square foot than properties in South Miami, but in general the list prices of “new construction” in both areas are almost the same.  I’ve lived in South Miami for over 20 years, sold over 100 homes in the area, and have seen many cycles of “new construction”.  These are fabulous homes!

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