Recently Sold by Valaree Byrne in Coral Gables 5709 Riviera Drive

5709 Riviera Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146

List Price: $896,000

I drive up and down the southern end of Riviera Drive at least twice a day on my way to the office and home, and know that some of the most beautiful and elegant homes in Coral Gables are found on this winding, picture-perfect street; I have memorized most every one of them (and sold a handful of them on the Coral Gables Waterway side of the street). What most seasoned realtors also take notice of are the ‘diamonds in the rough’ that lay in waiting.  When I was alerted that 5709 Riviera Drive was on the market and read the description which mentioned a ‘sweet home that had been occupied by the current owner for 66 years,’ I knew exactly which house it was.   Within hours we had the Buyer in the house, and shortly after we submitted our offer (several other offers were submitted which was very stressful).  Thankfully our offer was selected, and a very smooth transaction evolved from there.  Thank you and congratulations to the Buyers, Sellers, and Mauricio Barba & company, who were a pleasure to work with!


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