Recently Sold by Valaree Byrne in South Miami 6435 Snapper Creek Drive

6435 SW 85th Street, Miami, FL 33143

List Price: $1,150,000

I live in South Miami and have walked by this home nearly everyday for the last 26 years – I always pine for it (I also sold it to the Sellers nearly 24 years ago).  It’s definitely ‘Old Florida’ with it’s wide front porch, canopy of amazing trees, and restored hardwood floors, but beyond that there is something so calming and soothing about this property.  Everyone who walked through it had the same feeling of ‘coming home’ not only to the residence, but to the wonderful neighborhood it lays in (and wonderful neighbors too).  The very last thing the Seller mentioned to the Buyer before leaving was not to forget to put clean shavings in the ‘owl box’  so they would be ready for owl nesting seson.  I forgot I was in Miami!  Congratulations to the Buyers and Sellers – a perfect match.

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