What Can The Young and Restless Do in Coral Gables in the Wee Hours of the Night?

Well, for kicks you might swim with the alligators in the canals at Gables-by-the-Sea; or maybe check out Ray Allen’s house while the wife and kids are sleeping? NOT. It does make for some interesting reading though. This weekend some restless party goers at a home on Lugo Avenue in Gables-by-the-Sea jumped into the canal to swim and apparently ticked off an alligator who bit the two kids (South Miami Hospital ER probably hasn’t seen that in a long time).

That event still doesn’t score as high on the knucklehead richter scale as that of the kids at the Tahiti Beach party who ‘snuck’ into Ray Allen’s house while his wife and kids were sleeping. Could that have sounded remotely like the Sean Taylor event a few years back? Although different circumstances, what if Ray or Shannon Allen had defended their homestead with a shotgun? Would the Coral Gables police still be debating what crime occurred?

Last question: since Ray Allen finally bought the home he had been renting in Tahiti Beach (for $11,000,000), does that mean Miami will be home? T-minus 48 days until game 1 of the Heat season.


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