Home Inspections: The Devil’s Workshop?

I have been with Buyers and Sellers at three different property inspections this month (Coral Gables, South Miami, Palmetto Bay), and although I would consider myself well “seasoned” at this stage of home buying, I often come through the process bewildered and scratching my head. Grand total for these first 11 days in March, not including the laundry list of items that will keep a handy man in business, we have come across a roof that need needs work done by professional roofing contractors, lots of leaks, termites (can’t get away from them in Florida!), leaking shower pans, damaged floors, faulty windows, and the list goes on and on.

A licensed home inspector will check the areas of plumbing, roof, appliances, air conditioning,electrical, doors and windows; they will give an opinion on structural soundness and pool functionality too. A Buyer may also want to have a mold inspection and have the septic tank/drain field checked to see if it needs  some drain cleaning done (unless sewer system is used, in this case the seller would want to hire sewer cleaning services beforehand), and some will even have home checked for radon and lead-based paint.

The most important things to remember are not to lose focus of the ‘BIG PICTURE’, take time to step into the other parties shoes and EMPATHIZE, and then be the most RATIONAL person you can be in making decisions! It is also extremely important to read (not skim) the PROPERTY DISCLOSURE (and be accurate in completing a Property Disclosure), and know some facts before you negotiate your price! If a Seller tells you the roof was replaced after Hurricane Andrew and is fine, then know that probably that non-leaking roof is about 23 years old! Don’t be surprised if the inspector tells you a new roof may be in order in the not-so-distant future (and know what your insurer will require)!

These homes have a lot of moving parts – there is no such thing as a perfect inspection report. Look equally at the strengths and weaknesses, the cures that are necessary (and unnecessary), and try and work it out! That’s what brought Buyer and Seller together in the first place!


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